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Picture Transition of Suvorov through the Alps, Surikov

Picture Transition of Suvorov through the Alps, Surikov

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Suvorov crossing the Alps - Vasily Surikov. 373x495

The picture presents the viewer one of the most amazing cases of Russian military history. The author managed to convey the atmosphere of the event, successfully select images for work, convey the movement itself, emotions.

The accuracy of the details, the meticulously prescribed faces of the soldiers, and the compositional originality of the work cannot fail to amaze.

Russian soldiers are flying into the abyss, encouraged by their commander. The very figure of a genius commander is not immediately evident. She is indicated by the views of two soldiers, who smile at Suvorov's joke.

Clouds located at arm's length from people testify to the height at which the picture unfolds. White, blinding alpine snow and ice, bluish rocks - obscure the sky.

Striking readiness of the soldiers to follow where the commander ordered. Behind this is complete trust and confidence in Suvorov's undeniable military talent. The commander himself is depicted as miniature, gray-haired, but fearless. Calmness he admires even more, if we compare it with the panic in which the horse of the commander, frightened by the abyss, dwells. The artist concentrated the light on the figure of the commander. Radiance surrounds his head.

The soldier system is gradually collapsing. If the marching system is still guessed at the top of the picture, then at the bottom there is almost free sliding down.

It is known that for a long time the author was not able to convey this sense of movement. The greatest difficulties were with the figure of a soldier at the very bottom of the work. He did not want to slip.

The longer you look into the details of the picture, the brighter you feel the greatness and severity of the transition: with guns, in full ammunition, without any equipment.

The author does not hide the full weight of the military operation. The viewer is attracted by the image of a soldier overshadowing himself with a sign of the cross, a soldier is very emotionally written out, just starting to slide down the icy slope (eyes wide with horror are the main detail), the artilleryman’s face pale with fear, etc. It seems that in the next second the whole soldier’s string will rush into the abyss.

Only at first glance would one think that descent turns a soldier’s formation into chaos. A close examination reveals several details that refute the first impression: the regimental banners are carefully sheathed, reliably protected by the strong hands of the standard bearers. An interesting figure is the drummer, who recently set the pace of the army. He is just as solemn now. Despite everything, his drum is in excellent condition, and in his hand he squeezes the sticks. In a second he will have a very difficult descent, but now he holds a drum tightly, ready at any moment to fulfill his duty.

Cossacks stand out in the army. Their behavior differs from the actions of regular soldiers. Armed with peaks, they evaluate new, unusual conditions for themselves from the point of view of not a warrior, but a scout who finds himself in difficult conditions. One of them closely monitors those who begin to slide along the slope in order to choose the best way of descent at the last moment.

Work can be considered endlessly. Each time discovering something new, special, previously unnoticed.

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