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On the island of Valaam, Shishkin

On the island of Valaam, Shishkin

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On the island of Valaam - Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. 34.5x50.5

Shishkin repeatedly appealed to the beauties of the holy island of Valaam in his work. The severe northern nature, one of the spiritual centers of Orthodoxy, the very isolation of this corner from the earth - all attracted the masters of the landscape.

In the picture On the island of Valaam, in front of us is an island at dusk. In the distance you can see the bell tower of the monastery cathedral, surrounded by an ancient forest. The moonlight that floods the landscape emphasizes its severe uniformity, simplicity and ingenuity. The monastery cathedral triumphs over nature, standing out for its whiteness and grandeur.

Dark, muted tones, fuzzy contours perfectly convey the severity of the Valaam evening, and moonlight gives the landscape mystery ...

One gets the feeling that it was here, on the island of Valaam, that the High Mountain and the World of the Earth merged together, and this unity gave rise to that amazing great harmony that fills the picture with an atmosphere of peace and quiet.

Watch the video: The Island of Valaam and the Monastery 1887 (May 2022).


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