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Painting Shishkin Birch Grove, 1896

Painting Shishkin Birch Grove, 1896

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Birch Grove - Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. 95,5x70

The world-famous painting Birch Grove was painted by Shishkin in 1896. At the moment, the picture is in the Yaroslavl Museum of Art.

The picture is dominated by shades of green, brown and white. It would seem that the combination of colors is more than simple, but surprisingly successful: looking at the picture, you completely feel yourself among these trees, you feel the warmth of sunlight.

The birch grove flooded with the sun, as if by itself, emits some special light, felt by everyone who sees the picture. By the way, Shishkin, being a patriot of his country, did not knowingly choose the birch as the heroine of this picture, because it is she who is considered the national symbol of Russia since ancient times.

The incredible clarity with which all the details are drawn is surprising: the grass seems strikingly silky, the birch bark is real and every birch leaf makes you remember the aroma of a birch grove.

This landscape is painted so naturally that it is difficult to even call it a painting. Rather, a name is a reflection of reality.

Watch the video: 藝苑掇英 Ivan Shishkin 伊萬希什金 1832 - 1898 Realism Russian (May 2022).


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