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Portrait of Maria Baroncelli, Hans Memling

Portrait of Maria Baroncelli, Hans Memling

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Portrait of Maria Baroncelli - Hans Memling. 42,2x32,1

Maria Baroncelli she was only fourteen years old when she became the wife of thirty-three-year-old Tommaso Portinari. According to the Burgundy fashion for a girl, a high headdress trimmed with lace, a long veil that emphasizes her position as a bride. Despite her young age, her appearance is filled with the confidence of a secular lady, and a precious necklace indicates her high social position. Unlike her husband's impassivity, her image is less strict, and it seems that a slight smile touched her face. X-ray studies of the work revealed that the girl was originally dressed differently: the position of the Burgundy cap (hennin), originally decorated as in the “Triptych of Portinari” with V-shaped motifs, was more upright, black drapes fell on the shoulders of a girl whose face was framed by a transparent veil. Changes were made allegedly at the request of the customer. It is noteworthy that in the triptych written by Hugo van der Gus ten years later, Maria Baroncelli is depicted in the same dress, with the same precious necklace. Her hand is decorated with a ring with two stones - black and red. Both portraits of the spouses are framed by a marble frame - a technique that the artist resorted to later.

Portrait of Tommaso Portinari

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