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Portrait of Countess de Chinchon, Francisco de Goya

Portrait of Countess de Chinchon, Francisco de Goya

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Portrait of Countess de Chinchon - Francisco de Goya. 218x1Z5

The elongated format of the picture and the thickening darkness as a background give the countess a special fragility, emphasized by a light, airy dress of light gray-brown color with pink veins and a hairstyle in which it seems to be lurking in the wind. In the whole appearance of the girl, even if of a royal kind, one can feel sadness that can be seen both in living brown eyes and folded hands, which Maria-Teresa purposely tries to squeeze stronger. The countess was not going through the best time of her life at that time: her husband, the almighty prime minister of the Spanish government, Don Manuel Godoy, had an imperious character, in addition, this man was the queen's lover. Goya already painted the countess, and now, knowing this young woman well and treating her with sympathy, I noticed her deeply hidden sadness. The portrait, conceived by the front, shows the viewer a lively and charming person.

Also associated with this picture is another curious fact. After the paintings were bought by the Prado Museum from the hands of a private collector for 24 million euros, it turned out that on top of this portrait was a portrait of the Marquis de Villafranca, and on top of it was a portrait of the husband of Countess Manuel Godoy. It was possible to install using the latest equipment

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