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Like, Schiavoni promenade and lagoon near San Marco, Francesco Guardi

Like, Schiavoni promenade and lagoon near San Marco, Francesco Guardi

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Like, the Schiavoni promenade and the lagoon near San Marco - Francesco Guardi. 122x152.5

Guardi, a Venetian, devoted almost all his work to “Veduta” - the image of urban landscapes. He often painted some corners of his beloved city and less often - panoramas like the one presented on this canvas.

In the foreground is a lagoon with ships, boats and people in them, and in the distance, beyond all this boiling life, you can see the Doges Palace, St. Mark's Square and Torre del Oroolgio - the Clock Tower, and above all there is a huge sky with clouds floating on it. All three elements reigning in this city - water, earth and sky occupy an equal position in the Guardi picture.

A feature of the artist’s painting was the fact that he was able to convey the moist Venetian air enveloping buildings and people and giving them unsteady, slightly floating outlines. Guardi knew well the laws of plein air painting, in his time few comprehended.

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