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“Zemstvo dines”, Myasoedov - description of the painting

“Zemstvo dines”, Myasoedov - description of the painting

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Zemstvo is having lunch - Grigory Grigoryevich Myasoedov. 74x125

“Zemstvo dines” is Myasoedov’s most significant canvas, exhibited at the Second Traveling Art Exhibition. The peasants depicted in the picture apparently came with some kind of request to the members of the zemstvos, but were forced to sit under the door, content with their meager lunch and left to their gloomy thoughts. There is a servant washing dishes in the window: the gentlemen probably had a good meal, and the problems of those who ask will not interest them for a long time.

Myasoedov, like many genre artists of the 1870s, departs from explicit denunciation or harsh criticism, he only states, showing in this scene the truth of life objectively and without embellishment, and the viewer will already draw all the conclusions himself. The main emphasis in the work is made on the peasants themselves: their faces are meticulously written, which allows the viewer to "feel" the characters and empathize with them.

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