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“Village Concert”, Adrian van Ostade - description of the painting

“Village Concert”, Adrian van Ostade - description of the painting

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Village Concert - Adrian van Ostade. 27 x 30

Adrian van Ostade is one of the most famous representatives of the family of Dutch artists, a master of the peasant household genre, draftsman and etcher, a student of Frans Hals.

In the picture, one can feel the influence of Adrian Brower - the author of brutal common people scenes. Despite the polysyllabic Rembrandt tonal flavor, sustained in a golden ocher tint, and the spectacular transmission of black and white transitions, the work fully embodies the grotesque, comic-parody character of Ostada's “peasant scenes” and belongs to his early compositions. At the same time, in the images of the peasants playing music with their emphasized expression of gestures and expressive facial expressions, the artist reveals the universal principle, activity and spontaneity, the fullness of vitality, the ability to extract from her life simple, simple joys.

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